Bellanaris: A Dragon Age Fancomic

About the Artist

So, I'm Elaine (or TriaElf9 online) and I'm a comic artist living in Japan.
I've been doing web comics since 2005, and through my love of creating, fell into making this my job.

My main comic is a queer high fantasy comic, Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana. I also make Princess Retribution which has been revamped and published through Scout Comics as Princess Revolution; Wayfarer of Vyrandel; and Peter Pan, a comic adaptation of the classic story.
On the side, I do gag strips, illustrations, and other fun things.

About the Comic

Bellanaris is a fan comic that follows the relationship of Inquisitor Celyse Lavellan and the commander of her army, Cullen Rutherford. This comic follows the game plot closely, with some side stories, told mostly in short story arcs. There are spoilers for the main game, and will eventually be spoilers for the Trespasser DLC.

Everything (aside from the Inquisitor's design and such) is owned by Bioware. This comic is made for fun.

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